Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Litter Control :: Environment Ecology Littering

Litter Control Litter control is not only an important issue to me but to this state and country. Programs such as Keep America Beautiful and adopt-a-highway are designed to promote a clean environment by educating people and creating projects to help improve the environment (Keeping America Beautiful). Growing up I learned the importance of having a clean environment. It improves the quality of life, it increases your confidence level, and it makes you proud of your community. I feel strongly about this issue because there are a lot of people who just do not care. South Carolina has a goal of making people aware of the environment. The state government has started a campaign called Palmetto Pride (Diane Marlow). The promotion tactics that they use includes South Carolina officials and well-known people promoting beautification of the state. I also have a goal of making people aware of the environment and I decided that creating a project with children would be very effective. I always thought children were excellent people to work with. They are eager to learn and to show enthusiasm. My plan was to work with the children of St. Lawrence’s Place. That idea was sparked from my University 101 instructor. There I hoped to design a trash-pickup program similar to the one that the adopt-a-highway program had. Along with the program, I would have educated the children about litter prevention and the importance of a clean environment. Instead of walking along a highway collect trash we would wander around St. Lawrence’s Place looking for trash and items to be recycled. Unfortunately, the program could not be carried out because of scheduling problems. Luckily, there was an adopt-a-highway project going on in my hometown during the time of fall break. Adopt-a-highway is a program of public service for volunteers to collect trash along the highways of America. The group agrees to pick up trash at the minimum of three times per year. There is an age limit for this program. Those that are interested must be at least twelve years of age to participate in the trash pick-up. The adopt-a-highway program also educates people about litter prevention and recycling (Adopt-a-highway). On October 15, I arrived on Main Street with some of my friends and former classmates. Main Street is a very busy road that connects to a highway.

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