Tuesday, June 30, 2020

HIV Testing Essay - 275 Words

HIV Testing Essay (Essay Sample) Content: Samantha HicksCommunication 1106/02/2013SPEECH (H I V TESTING) HIV is a common virus among a certain group of people i.e. gay men, and individuals who inject illicit drugs. HIV is a worldwide epidemic. The HIV virus is found in saliva, semen, vaginal fluid and blood, and breast milk of infected people. The virus can be transmitted in different ways, but the most common include; engaging in unprotected sex, Sharing of objects with an infected person, and Blood transfusionIn the recent, times many youth engage in sex and more so unprotected sex as a way fun. This may not only lead to the transmission of the virus but also lead to contracting STIs. The best method of prevention of contracting the disease is by using protection (condom). Sharp objects need to be sterilized thoroughly in order to avoid the transmission of the disease. If sterilization is impossible, then buy a new one rather than to risk using an infected one.Before a blood transfusion exercise is conducte d, blood should be screened thoroughly in order to prevent transmission of the virus from one person to the other. HIV is the most feared disease among many people and that it is why it is better to prevent the disease. Many people fear being tested because of fear of the outcome of the results. Leaving with the virus does not mean death. One can steel live a healthy and comfortable life. Many people mess up their lives due to the notion that they have the virus even without going for a test. We need to make the lives of our friends and neighbors comfortable by encouraging them to go and visit a VCT for the testing.It is advised that for married couples who live far from each other to regularly visit the VCT before they meet. After undergoing a testing, you will be encouraged to make a good living. You can either be tested positive or negative. If tested negative you are advised on how to live a life of protecting yourself. Being Tested negative does not mean that you cannot contr act the virus. This shows how has kept him or herself. If tested positive that cannot be the end, many people even end up committing suicide. When tested positive the following should be done in order to live a healthy life;Ensure you have a health care provider wh...

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