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Creativity in different forms of everyday writing, factors account for Assignment

Creativity in different forms of everyday writing, factors account for the emergence of creativity in written forms - Assignment Example No matter the kind of definition provided to explain writing, it is appreciable that the essence of creative writing is to convey the human imagination to the people in the most convenient, effective and understandable manner. Effective writing can be evaluated by the creativity features that can be identified in any piece of literary work and the clarity of the message alluded in the work. In general, a creative writing will provide information in the most conspicuous manner possible and the recipients of a message should be gratified. The essence of this essay is to identify features of creative writing and to identify the factors that have culminated in the emergence of creativity in linguistic writing. Various scholars have presented different definitions and dimensions of creative writing as applied in linguistics today. Harper (2010) expresses the complexity of defining creative writing in the field of linguistics and is of the opinion that scholarly definitions of these terms as mere attempt. However, he pays a keen attention to the reference of creative writing as a by-product of a mind that is acquiring a new image of operation. The concept of this definition is rather unique and sees creative writing as an expression of the human mind in a planned and orderly manner. From the words of this author, creative writing is not only an art of the mind but also an art of the hands that must be coordinated to achieve creativity and the originality implied in this definition. However, Harper (2010) disregards this definition and he feels that this kind of definition lacks the concept of planning that must be accounted in any definition of creative writing. Schlepphege (2010), another scholar, has provided a different dimension of creativity in the modern creativity research as the process of producing a whole new concept in the society. The author makes a direct connection to the concept of creation in its literal meaning as the process making something new, an d presenting it to the community. From this point of view, creative writing is an art of bringing up new acts, thoughts and idea in the society. The implication of this definition is that to evaluate whether writing is creative or not, one would require evaluating if a piece of work presents a new concept. Schlepphege (2010) states that all forms of literary works such as poetry, drama, fiction, speeches or even song lyrics must express a new form of expression, communication or even self-awareness in human beings. In addition, creative writing is not a product of writing expertise but a natural urge of human beings to communicate or express themselves. Maybin and Swann, (2007) have analysed the language in two different dimensions in the attempt of explaining the practical application of creativity in contemporary writing. The two authors evaluate feel that language use takes either a textual or a contextual sense and creativity will revolve around these two dimensions of language use. The textual sense of language use refers to the linguistic forms and structures that are used to express an intended brain perception by a writer. Example of this kind of use of language use is expression of irony in voice intonation, use of word play in comic writing and the use of images to express an emotional feeling is

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