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Entrepreneurs Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Entrepreneurs - Coursework Example He is the founder of Hamilton Bradshaw and presently acting there as CEO. The company established in 2004, has several areas of operations like buyout, venture capital, turnarounds, and real estate investment in the UK ( James Caan is a British-Pakistani entrepreneur and widely known for Dragons’ Den, a TV program of BBC in which he remained a part of judges’ panel from 2007 to 2010. James Caan basically belongs to Pakistan and his real name is Nazim Khan. In a critical point of view, it can be observed that Caan has a personality of diversified characteristics, both positive and negative. In business point of view, Caan possesses almost all those qualities which a good and successful entrepreneur must have. He is quite intelligent and sharp. One of the positive features of his personality is that he wisely knows how to transform the situations for his benefits. During the early phase of his recruitment agency, Caan had no space i n his office at Pall Mall to make any dealings with the clients; therefore, in order to highlight a better image of his company, he prudently preferred the address of an esteemed place to catch the attention of the clients ( At that time the whole meetings with clients were carried out in some restaurants or coffee shops and the clients were told that the company is so busy that they don’t have enough space to deal all the clients in the company’s meeting rooms. For the clients’ easiness, during the same phase, he also changed his name from Nazim Khan to James Caan. This is another example of his smart mind. His autobiography ‘The Real Deal’ reveals several of his sharp moves, showing him as one of the smart, sharp, and reflexive man of UK business world. Mentally, Caan is not very intelligent but also strong. His father had a successful leather goods manufacturing business and was looking for his son to ta ke it over, but Caan was mentally a free person. He was psychologically so strong that he left all that business and decided to venture into quite different fields. Another one of his positive norms is that he does substantial charity to help out the needy people. James Caan Foundation, established in 2006, predominantly works for education of the unprivileged children. During July 2010 when flood hit a huge part of Pakistan, Caan tremendously contributed in the rehabilitation process. With the support of UNICEF, Caan raised ?100,000. Despite of being a dynamic, versatile, and concerned professional, Caan has some flaws. He left his parents when they were looking for his support to take over the family business. This led him to remain estranged from his father for long time. Caan faced a great criticism in 2010, when he offered to buy a baby from a flood affected family of Pakistan (BBC News, 22nd October, 2010). He has also been blamed for tax avoidance with respect to his private equity company i.e. Hamilton Bradshaw. Madam C.J. Walker: Hair-care Entrepreneur Sarah Breedlove McWilliams Walker, widely famed as Madame CJ Walker, modernized the cosmetics and hair care industry for African American women during the first quarter of 20th century. By revolutionizing the cosmetics industry, she became one of the most impressive and influential African American women during the last and first quarters of the 19th and 20th century respectively. Besides a

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