Tuesday, February 25, 2020

History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

History - Assignment Example Joel Kotkin insisted that cities developed sacred functions as a very deep sign that they represented divine power. This enabled the cities to civilise and develop as much as they could. He gave examples of sacred cities which included Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley and China. Commercial cities included Detroit, shanghai and Carthage. Secure cities can be identified by their overall success currently and they include the cities of London and the United States (Tosh, p 33). Lewis Mumford noted that cities contributed significantly to human civilization. This was by providing the podium that would ensure that the architectural designs that made up cities were a greater representation of what human civilization was all about. He goes ahead to note that the creation of these cities presented a myriad of social problems that continued to threaten the human civilization process. He constantly hoped that over the years the cities would represent the uniqueness of each design and show the deep rooted spiritual values that were practised by the community or society (Tosh, p 19). In the ancient world, cities were places for trade, worship and industrial activities. They developed as a result of the very many needs and expectations that the communities had. They had the overall aim of strengthening these wants and needs. These functions are very similar because modern day cities are also created with the sole aim of meeting specific needs in society. It was therefore very necessary to have specific resources in the form of construction materials, funds and manpower to construct these cities. This had to be coupled with powerful policies that would ensure their overall maintenance from time to time. Hammurabi ensured that he created very simple laws and policies that were to be used to create an orderly atmosphere in urban cities (Tosh, p 43). Romans introduced very many architectural features in their constructions. This included the use of the most modern

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