Sunday, February 9, 2020

Middle Class Societies Of America And England Essay

Middle Class Societies Of America And England - Essay Example Therefore Roosevelt became the first president to support the labor and assigned the government a direct role and duty to all the people. The new women's colleges were opened and there the female reformers were educated. These females who were white middle class young women handled the "problem " of Immigrant, who constituted "dark skinned" Italians, peasant Jews and immigrants from southeastern Europe. The middle class women were barred to possess the professional educational qualifications pursue Consumer's League, and "Americanizing" centers known as settlement houses. These organizations targeted to wipe off the corruption and vice bred by the men their career. So, the women formed into groups and had built themselves as associations to take active part in the public life. Some of the associations are Women's Trade Union League, the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and the National. The women succeeded in their campaign to get the right to vote. But their battle of suffrage lasted for as long as from 1848 to 1920, in the year 1920 nineteenth amendment granted 26 million women, half of the nations population, the right to vote. The Fourteenth Amendment sanctioned the citizenship to the blacks. The Civil Rights Law of the 1960s was stepping stone for those who fought for America's promise of equal rights for all. The movement of women, for suffrage began at Seneca Falls. The American Society challenged severely the efforts of women that they cannot cross the threshold of men. But as the situation prolonged, the women got educated, and their movement turned out to be a respectable one. By 1910, the movement developed into a mass movement. In England too it was the same condition, the women were aggressive to sweep out their miseries and were carrying their movement for fundamental rights. In both the nations, by 1919, the Amendment Act was passed for women granting their right to vote. Detroit, the city was known as the "arsenal of Democracy" during the Second World War. The city of Detroit required a large number of labor who came from Africa. They were not given accommodation and like this the riots erupted which turned to be the bloodiest in the history of he nation. This racial conflict has begun very long past in 1863 and lasted till 1941. The racial riots have a long history in Detroit. There were about 200,000 black labors, constricted to sixty square blocks and compelled to live under dreadful sanitary conditions. Awfully the place was named as Paradise Valley while it was a hell for the inhabitants. There was an integrated amusement park. It was known as Belle Isle. This was the place where the Detroit riots began at this particular spot. The rumors still aggravated the situation and mainly because of the police sergeant spread some rumors regarding a women and her baby over the Belle Isle bridge, the black retaliated, looted, destroyed white owned stores, white skinned people were attacked without discrimination. Similar way white also retaliated in the same way. The situation continued without any holds, Detroit became practically a hellhole until Mayor Edward J. Jeffries called more than six thousand federal army troops was stationed throughout the Detroit city. Practically Detroit city was shutdown, streets deserted, schools deserted, no

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