Saturday, September 7, 2019

Analysis and Evaluation of an Advertisement Essay

Analysis and Evaluation of an Advertisement - Essay Example Further downwards are the following lines of text respectively; ‘Starrex Music Phones’, ‘Customized playlists’ and ‘Sound effects’. These texts are in white. On the background of the above texts are other two lines of text in black, ‘Mix your Music ‘, ‘Karaoke’ The advertisement is neatly designed with the four dancers in positioning themselves in along a curve with the central two appearing much larger than the other two on the extremes. The space in the advert is optimally utilized with both the texts and the images covering about three-quarters of the advertisement pages. The color use in the advert is deep orange in the background especially behind the text and on the upper sections of the beautiful sky. At the centre of the advertisement page are the shades of brown and white which extent to some parts of the sky. As to the effect of the advertisement display; it targets the youth population. The advertisement presents a colorful and a busy display due to the evidently vigorous dance and the fiery coloration of the deep orange just adds to this effect. Because of these aspects, this advertisement presents a wonderful cutting edge presentation that impacts a great deal on the viewer. All these attributes of the advertisement talk a lot of the modernity and such appeal to a larger extent to the youth (Nicolosi 80). To emphasize this, the advertisement persuades the audience to obtain the displayed phone type so as to be in control of their own entertainment, through managing their own customized playlists and being able to mix their own music karaoke. The logical appeal of the advertisement with regard to the logos is great. This is because the consistency and clarity of the message being conveyed, ‘an awesome and joyous experience with respect to entertainment from such a phone’, is the eve emphasized by both the images and colors. Next, with respect to the

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