Thursday, September 12, 2019

Entreprise Information Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Entreprise Information Systems - Essay Example In business there are different types of organizations depending on the type of business that is offered. It is always good for a business leader to have a look at the forms of business organization and find out the best organization. The types of the business organizations can be the sole proprietorship, partnership and the business of corporation. For one to find out the best business organization, he or she can find it by the kind of tax offered in the business, the legal issues that are in the business, and the personal and financial concerns that are in the business. The sole proprietorship can be a one person working in a business and this is the most form of business in the world. In the sole proprietorship, there are both the advantages and disadvantages which affect the business either directly and indirectly. For example, one of the advantages is that the capital or the start up cost needed for one to start up a business is very easier. On the other side, the form of business has unlimited liability and there is limited life in the business. In the partnership form of business, two or more people are involved in the business. The business can be either small or be larger and it may include the accounting firms. In the partnership, there are still categories like the general and the limited liability business. Its advantage is that the business is very easy to form while it has unlimited liability. The third form of business is the corporation type of business. This is a business that is limited in number which gives a legal business motive. The business form has an unlimited life that is very commercial while the business has so many business regulations t hat offend most of the business leaders and workers. These are activities that are mainly created in order to achieve a certain goal or organizational specific. They are achieved by working on a number of operations that happen within the business. While working on the operations to find

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