Wednesday, September 11, 2019


MANAGING CONFLICT IN A DIVERSE WORKPLACE REPORT - Case Study Example According to the research conducted by Kirchmayer (1993 cited in Syed & Ãâ€"zbilgin, 2010) it has been found that conflict in the workplace is likely to arise when people belong to different cultural background. In a culturally diverse workplace each player has different attitudes towards conflict management and decision-making approach. Complications and misunderstandings are integral parts of culturally different workplace. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the cases of various types of conflicts in the workplace that have arisen from differences that ranges from gender to nationality and from sexual orientation to issues of pregnancy. The underlying reasons behind the problems and their implications have been discussed. The given case can be treated as a classic example of a misreading of signals. The approach taken by Strong was not outright wrong and the reaction of Mayer was not fully unjustified. It is difficult to point out the culprit per se. However, it can be argued that Mr. Strong should have â€Å"known better† by considering the reaction he had from Ms. Mayer for the first time they had interacted in the parking lot. Ms. Mayer had shown initial signs of irritation in the first meeting which should have provided the hint for Mr. Strong. In the research conducted by Corr and Jackson (2001) had shown that the perception of males of females of what constitutes sexual harassment are quite different. In the research that has been conducted in relation to sexual harassment it has been found that sexually-oriented behavior in non-work relationship is more acceptable than the same behavior in work relationships (Browne, 1997). This situation is more likely in the present case. The reaction of Miss. Bliss to the behavior of Mr. Law should have been more formal and stern. Miss. Bliss should have confronted about the situation

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