Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Depression -bachelor in nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Depression -bachelor in nursing - Essay Example This is one of the primary mood disorders characterized by a depressed mood and/or a decrease in interest in things that used to give pleasure. Depression acquires more severe proportions when the early warning signals get ignored by the person, his/her family or friends. Families and patients often tend to overlook this condition as they 'think' they should be able to control it themselves or the symptoms would soon disappear on their own. Some of the symptoms which lead to depression are; Though depression knows no limits of age or sex, yet the phenomenon is more prevalent in elder people and female. Ladies are more prone to depression as compared to their male counterparts owing to an additional type known as postpartum depression - the psychiatric disorder which grips the female soon after giving birth to a baby, also known as postnatal depression. Depression, in general can be classified as; Clinical Depression: Depression is classified as clinical when it is being felt by the family or friends that the patient requires clinical assistance for treatment. It is also known as Major depression or unipolar depression. People with this type of depression feel sad and appear detached from entertaining activities. Incoherent memory, problems in concentration, laziness and loss of appetite are some of the symptoms of such a disorder. Dysthymia or Persistent De... Dysthymia or Persistent Depression: This is a less severe type of depression often termed as minor depression. Under such type the person may feel like sad and dissatisfied with the happening around him/her. Such symptoms may temporarily disappear, only to recur with more severity if proper attention is not paid to the early warning signals. At times the person may not be aware of existence of such a depression as he/ she make it a part of their routine, often unenjoyable, life. Fatigue, low self-esteem, insomnia, bouts of concentration loss and appetite disturbances are some of the symptoms of Dysthymia, which are not considered severe enough to go for treatment. A person may feel sad on account of certain circumstances but, recurrence of such sadness leads to depression. Atypical Depression: This type of depression borders near major or clinical depression, but with less severity. Symptoms of atypical depression include fatigue, oversleeping, overeating and subsequent weight gain. Such a depression might be long lasting as the person feels unduly elated and looks for happiness even in circumstances where there's none. Bipolar or Manic Depression: As the name itself suggest, bipolar depression leads to formation of two different poles of mood, varying from lower levels to extremely high levels (manic situation), which leads to overreaction and often leads to suicides. For example, one of my neighbor who was just 39 yrs, with a family of two lovely kids and a working wife felt ignored by his wife and friends. He took retirement from a police job and started working as an instructor in a high school. During the police job he used to be

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