Friday, September 6, 2019

Todays Technology Essay Example for Free

Todays Technology Essay Innovation and creativity, these are the benchmarks that pave the way in producing new ideas in technology. The common notion with regard to technology always goes both ways; it is either beneficial or it is detrimental. As time moves on, technology has been constantly evolving towards the future but despite these, technology has harmed our very society. Although the modern day technology has far exceeded the expectations of humanity, it still does not discount the fact that technology has produced more harm than good in society. Most people often talk about the wonders and advantages of the internet. Some even state that the internet is a place of solitude where one can escape the hazards of reality. Moreover, the internet brings about tons of romance. It is actually now common for couples to meet in the internet. The internet lets people nourish their relationships through chat rooms, email, news groups and web pages. However, news of abuses, blackmails and money-making schemes have been rampant is such places. As romantic as these places can be, they are also quite dangerous. On an average, increases in depression are about one percent for every hour spent on line per week. Furthermore, online activity resulted in increased loneliness as well (Stoll 270). The internet is a social technology used for communication, yet it results in the declining social involvement and psychological well-being of a person. In a modern home, it is sad to say that working parents spend a total of six to eight minutes a day talking with their children. Some of these parents have high tech jobs and they are willing to be on call the entire twenty-fours of the day. Thus, what is left in their homes is usually   an empty house and of course, the television. Children normally watch television in their bedrooms. In most cases, parents have no idea what their children are watching or doing. Truth be told, some children fail elementary school because parents use televisions as babysitters. People use the internet as a means to keep in touch through email. Aside from this, new friendships blossom in online interest groups. The downside of this is that we lose our real friends to online friends. Online friends cannot help us with neighborly favors such as small loans, babysitting, help with shopping, or advice about jobs and careers. Moreover, the internet has contributed to the significant declines in social involvement within the family. Email, telephones, and faxes all prevent or lessen our basic skills of interacting with people face to face. Those that deal with the computer everyday do not have the slightest idea on the basic social rules of conversation. They will not learn how to properly barge into conversations or how to express one’s self to another. It will be frightening for them to speak to in front of a live audience. Nor will they understand when or why to be silent. Children usually come home from school and their parents let them play video games daily. Usually these children develop a low self-esteem. They become shy and awkward around people. Usually they are actually uncomfortable around other children and they feel that they even do not belong to school. But the most concerning thing about the video games is the violent influence it gives to the children. Technology has developed robots that have taken over jobs in most modern day factories and industries. There are even robot vacuum cleaners that take the exercise out of people doing daily chores. It is even quite hilarious to see in some schools where they have computers teaching in classes rather than a teacher himself or herself. Even the simple joy of shopping with the entire family is robbed from every home because of Ebay and other online producers. Today’s techology possesses and presents an unwanted negative side to the world.   The time that a person may have spent talking with another or playing tennis is wasted sitting behind the monitor of a computer. Take the time to visit your family and spend quality time with your children. As what has been said earlier, although today’s technology is now far more advanced, it has done more harm than good to society.

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