Monday, October 28, 2019

Apollo 13 Video Clip Essay Example for Free

Apollo 13 Video Clip Essay In chapters seven through ten several OB topics were examined. As you review the video, look for incidences that relate to OB concepts that you observe. Identify two concepts, explain where you observed them in the video and to which chapter they apply. Provide either work or personal examples to support each of the observations Post: Tiffany Demko Week 4 Discussion – MGMT 362 Apollo 13 Video clip First off this is a great movie, and I’m not much of a movie buff. I found way more than just 2 ob concepts in this clip. I think that managing a team is a difficult task because it requires a hardy personality to be a calming rational thinker while taking others in consideration, and blocking the negativity or tension that maybe building. Bill Paxton Tom Hank’s characters points out that the smartest people on the planet have been brought together to make sure every setting is correct, and all the resources needed are available. Tom Hanks points out that they have a large amount of variables to consider when overcoming the challenges before them, and they are just starting that â€Å"task† list so to speak. Making decisions fairly to limit the inequity amongst the group is vital to the members working together to achieve their common goal, getting home. Remembering that a team is brought together because of their diverse roles, and knowledge that they bring to the table, each person working in a group or on a team has been given that opportunity because of their expertise. In any crisis situation it is always a good idea to apply forward thinking, and I think that is what Kevin Bacon’s character was trying to point out. Handling a potential challenge before it becomes a real issue is value added indeed, all to often we can fix something at that moment that could help avoid other pitfalls, but if we wait until we get to that item on the â€Å"task list† one may not have the same options available to them. Respect must always be given among a team in my opinion, it’s how you grow, and it’s what you personally should be able to expect, and rely on from those your working with.

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