Monday, October 21, 2019

informative speech on jazz tru essays

informative speech on jazz tru essays Purpose: By the end of the speech I hope you all will understand the joys and pains of playing jazz on the trumpet. Introduction: (turn off lights) Imagine its night time in New York City. You head over to the village vanguard to see the hottest players in jazz, out do each other on stage. You enter the club it seats about fifty but theres more like 80 all wanting the same thing, to hear John Coltranes sextet perform. (play Lazy Bird up to 1:40). The recording you just heard was from the John Coltrane album titled BLUE TRAIN. Jazz is one of the most difficult genres of music to perform on the trumpet because of its demands on a persons body, technical skill as well as their ability to spontaneously create a melody, also know as improvising. Credibility: You may be asking yourselves what would this young man know about jazz and why should I listen to him. Well to contradict the stereotype that jazz is old people music I have been listening to and playing jazz for the past 8 years and also teach private lessons. I have been principal chair in every band I have played in. In high school I was selected to play in the city honor band, received an award for jazz player of the year, received a scholarship and the semper fidelis award from the United States Marine Corp for excellence in music. There are numerous other awards presented to me by my school, and I led the jazz ensemble to place fourth at the national invite Monterey jazz festival sponsored by Clint Eastwood. Now that I have established my credibility I would like to move on. Playing the trumpet requires many hours of practice daily, usually until your body quits. During these practices you do arpeggios, chromatic scales, lip slurs, high notes, long tones and so on. All these exercises increase your endurance and ability to improvise. Main Points: some injuries or physical strain one can acquire are bleeding lips, headaches, passing out, dizziness, crooked te...

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