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Write summary Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Write summary - Article Example Multi-level analysis can distinguish the impact of the teachers from the school environment and analyze the factors at each level. The study was conducted because of the significant role that technology plays in enhancing the learning experience. The study employed multi-level modeling to analyze data obtained from 3,652 teachers who specialize in handling students in grade 1-9. The study was conducted in 289 schools in Taiwan. According to the article, both school-level factors and teacher-level factors affected the integration of ICT in the process of teaching. The teacher-level factors identified by the study are the beliefs of a teacher and the amount of hours spent in training in the previous year positively influenced ICT Integration. The school level factors that affect ICT integration are hours of training and the way teachers perceive the support from the school. The other factors influencing ICT integration are internet access, quality of computers, number of projectors available and stability of the available computers. The results indicate the significant role that teachers and schools play in the integration of ICT to improve the quality of the learning experience. Teachers play a significant role in the process of ICT integration. Ayub, A. M., Bakar, K. A., & Ismail, R. (2012). Relationships between school support, school facilities, ICT culture and mathematics teachers attitudes towards ICT in teaching and learning.  AIP Conference Proceedings,  1450(1), 196-200. Doi:10.1063/1.4724139 The study examines the relationship between school support, facilities, ICT culture and attitudes of mathematics towards ICT integration in learning and teaching. ICT enables students to widen their sources of the information because of the web. Teachers have the opportunity to use the available technology to create a relatively more interactive and informative learning process. According to the study, the

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