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Sociology of Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Sociology of Health - Essay Example If both health and illness are viewed from a sociological perspective then it can be said that a body which breaks down should necessarily be repaired. Medical systems are required to systematize work around birth, disease, decay and death. Thus a person who is ill requires immediate programs to restore his health. Medical methods are necessary to organize one individual even when he is comes in this world. Illness and health are directly related to the social norms in this society. Illness is still excessively found in the lower classes of this society. This is because these classes are not provided with adequate health facilities on the right time. This shows the difference between the model of health and illness as the model of health clearly illustrates that one should be given adequate medical treatment faced by the problem of illness. However this is not possible because of the sociological factors which are involved in this concept. These factors include how one individual liv es and what age group does he belong to. It can be concluded that in order to practically apply the model of health it is necessary that all the problems encountered should be solved first. Ans. 3. Examine the key findings of the Black Report Ans. The Black Report was a research taken out in Britain in the 1980s to find out the issues about health and society. It gave an overview about the health social inequalities based on use of occupation as an indicator of social class. It analyzed the records of health of different people who belonged to different classes. All these results were analyzed according to the categories designed by the Registrar. The report concluded the over all issues of health in the UK. It stated that the health of the nation had improved over all but there was a difference of mortality among the classes. The individuals who belonged to the lower class were more vulnerable to diseases than the individuals who belonged to the upper class. It showed that the health standards descended as the class of people was lowered. The report clearly illustrated that all these health problems were related to the social factors such as low income, unemployment and poor living standards. The awareness factor was als o pointed out in the report as many people were not aware of different diseases which were being a cause of their death. The Black Report pointed out the basic factors which affected the overall health standards in the UK and desired a change in the overall system of the UK.4. Explain how the doctor / patient relationship influences the health of the patient Ans. There are contrary views on the doctor patient relationship in this world. Some doctors are of the view that if they get close to their patients then they are not able to properly treat their patients. However on the other hand it can be said that a good doctor patient relationship can lead to the recovery of the patient in an early time. This relationship is of a great influence to the patient's health behavior. Research has been done in order to find about the relationship between a doctor and a patient. A research conducted in Texas adopted the way of

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