Saturday, October 26, 2019

Hydrogen Fuel or Others Essay -- Hybrid Cars Automobiles Essays

Hydrogen Fuel or Others It is stated in the article â€Å"Benefits of a Hydrogen Economy† in Hydrogen Future that if we use hydrogen as an energy source in the U.S.A, it could help address concerns about energy security, global climate change, and air quality. Hydrogen fuel cells appear to be an one important enabling technology for increasing energy savings and reducing global climate change; however, I suggest that much more research is needed before the nation becomes absorbed in developing the hydrogen economy. In addition to the hydrogen fuel cells, the nation should continue to investigate other technologies such as new generation diesel, hybrids and solar cells. At present these technologies have come to maturity to some degree. I believe that now it is time to consider the fusion of these technologies. It is stated in the article â€Å"Benefits of a Hydrogen Economy† that, if we use hydrogen in very high efficiency fuel cells for our transportation and to generate power, we could significantly reduce the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. But the article â€Å"Road to Hydrogen Cars May Not Be So Clean† claims that, even though hydrogen could be generated via electrolysis without producing GHG, the reality is that oil companies plan to generate hydrogen from methane. And the most famous GHG, carbon dioxide, could be generated as a byproduct of the methane treatment process. Furthermore, according to the article â€Å"Fueling the future –Hydrogen Fuel Cells-†, electricity can be used to split water into its hydrogen and oxygen constituents; however, it takes far more electricity to make the hydrogen than the amount of electricity which hydrogen can generate in a fuel cell. To make matters worse, it might take a lot of electricity ... ... cells. Indeed, now it is time to consider seriously the fusion of these technologies. Works Cited Davidson, Keay. †Road to Hydrogen Cars May Not be So Clean† 20 December 2002 < file=/c/a/2004/12/20/HCAR.TMP&type=printable > Patterson, Tim. †Climate Change.† 10 April 2002. < > D.S. Department of Energy. †Benefits of a Hydrogen Economy† 1 July 2004 <> †Fueling the Future† October 2004 < > †Why the Future is Hybrid† Economist. 4 December 2004 < >

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