Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Lesson Plan Literatura Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lesson Plan Literatura - Essay Example The objective of this lesson is to take the subtraction lesson to the next level as subtraction occurs as well as addition. The student will be able to attach meaning to the concept of ‘more or less’ as objects within the book increase and decrease. Ask the student how many are left when subtraction occurs and how many more there are when addition occurs. Ask what it means when less or more of something happens. Ask the student how counting and more or less are related. The game consists of hoops put down on the floor and the children tossing the construction paper butterflies so that they land in the hoops. Then each group counts the butterflies to see how many are there. When this is repeated, they determine if they have more or less than they had during the previous toss. The game can be extended as they determine how many more or less they have than the previous toss. The game can be played with members of the family, giving the child the opportunity to teach the game, helping them to learn as they express the ideas of more or less. As they play with the family a member of the family, such as the parent, can fill in the worksheet so the teacher can then assess the progress from external observations of the parent. This lesson is the last in a five part series of lessons that address the concept of numbers and mathematic foundations. This game styled lesson should provide context or the meaning of addition and subtraction using concrete ideas that are more conducive to creating

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